How to replace a lost/stolen Driver Licence

Many people lose their licences or have them stolen, and in these scenarios, getting a duplicate licence is the best solution. The duplicate licence is only replaced in the event of a loss. It is not possible to utilise a duplicate driver licence as a backup copy. And no driver is authorised to hold more than one copy of his or her driver’s licence.

Any motor vehicle agency or online methods can be used to obtain a duplicate licence.

Get a Licence Replacement from Motor Vehicle Agency

The following elements are required to begin the licence duplicating process:

  • Number on the driver’s licence
  • Number assigned by the Social Security Administration
  • Credit card information Email ID
  • To print the licence or the receipt, you’ll need a printer.

Licenses that are due to expire in the next 90 days are not permitted to be duplicated. Nonetheless, the majority of them are permitted to enter the agency in order to complete the task.

The provisional licence details will not be erased from the online database if you get a licence after you turn 21. So, if you need a regular licence, you must contact the agency to have it upgraded.

It takes an average of 14 days for a person to obtain a duplicate driver’s licence or identification card. You must first make a payment, after which the agency will provide you the document to print, which will be valid for 30 days after the issuance date.

Six Points ID Requirements to issue a new license

If you decide to approach the agency, you must first:

Obtain 6 points of identification as well as evidence of address.
To obtain a driver’s licence, someone must first establish their identification by passing through these six points of ID verification.

Complete form BA-208 for a driver’s licence or form BA-207 for a non-ID. driver’s
These are only available at motor vehicle agencies.

To complete the process, you must additionally pay a cost of $11.

When you try to make a duplicate for a licence that has been lost or stolen without the diver’s knowledge, you must upload a fresh photo.

As a result, the whole face of the subject will be captured for the licence from top to bottom. And, if there is a medical or religious reason for the need to hide one’s face, the agency must be informed beforehand.

Stolen licenses or ID’s 

These issues must be immediately informed to the police. And if there is any out of the state situation as in you are not able to appear directly then certain instructions must be followed. For more, visit the home page by clicking here.

These issues must be reported to the police right away. And if you find yourself in an out-of-state circumstance, such as being unable to present in person, you must follow certain procedures. Click here to go to the home page for additional information.

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