NJMVC Real ID FAQ’s [Frequently Asked Questions]

NJMVC will use genuine id starting in October 2020. To prevent identity fraud, there are government regulations for driver licences and non-driver identification evidence.

What is the REAL ID?

REAL ID is a new federal requirement for state-issued driver licences and non-driver identification cards that aims to combat identity theft.

Real ID is a federally mandated requirement for driver identification in the United States. This real id will aid in the prevention of identity fraud in the United States.

Who is Required to get a Real ID & What is a need for it?

If you wish to fly within the United States, you’ll almost certainly require a valid ID. However, if you have a valid US passport or another officially approved documentation, you are not needed to provide an actual ID. The normal driver’s licence in New Jersey is also valid for driving. As a result, you should consider getting a legitimate ID.

When will real id be implemented & Where can I get it?

They are now beta testing actual id in several areas around the United States. They will contact you through email once it is completed. If you want to sign up for the notice, go to www.njmcdirect.com and click on their official link at NJMVC genuine id portal.

How Can I change my current driver’s license or non-driver ID to a REAL ID?

You can get real id by contacting any registered agency allowed by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission once your current driver’s licence or id expires. They have decided on a price of 11 USD.

What to do if my current driver’s license or non-driver ID expires after September 30, 2020?

In that scenario, you must bring a valid ID or use your passport or another acceptable form of identification to fly within the United States.

Can u tell me the difference between Real id and standard license or non-driver id?

After September 30, 2020, a standard driver licence or non-driver id will no longer be accepted as proof of identity when flying within the United States. When compared to a conventional driving licence in New Jersey, there is no discernible difference. The most noticeable distinction is a star in the upper right corner, which denotes a genuine ID. The regular driver’s licence will have to be written, not printed, for real-world identification purposes. Both are valid for driving purposes, however.

Which documents do I need to get a real id?

You must produce 2+1+6= real id documents, including 1 document as proof of address, and add up to 6 points according to the New Jersey motor vehicle commission guideline, in order to obtain real id from the NJ motor vehicle commission. Two documents proving your address and one proving your social security number are also necessary. For more information, you can utilise the document picker feature on their official website.

Do you scan and store my information?

Yes, as a result of mandatory government security standards. Your papers will be scanned and securely stored in an encrypted way.

Are you sharing my information with the federal government?

These recommendations can be found on the DHS website. Yes, we will share your information with the federal authorities after we have double-checked it.

How can I get a Real Id?

If this is your first Real ID or non-driver ID, make an appointment with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission in your area. You can also sign up for updates on their website, and they will contact you once Real ID is available.

Is there a long queue in the MVC agency? Which is the best time to visit?

Currently, the organisation is working to reduce the length of lineups at the various locations. Certain procedures, such as the renewal of your basic driver licence or non-driver ID, do not require you to visit the office.

Can I skip the visit to the agency for Real ID?

On its official website, NJ MVC offers a solution that allows you to avoid the journey. They even suggest meeting them in the middle, i.e. in the middle of the month or during the middle of the day. You should go when the queues are the shortest.

What is the recognition of Real ID driver license?

Real ID driver’s licences are accepted in all airports around the United States.

Age Limit for the Real ID?

They haven’t provided any specifics on the relevant age in this case. For further information, go to the Department of Homeland Security’s website.

Is my current driver’s license or non-driver ID be acceptable as identification to fly within the U.S.?

Your current driver’s licence or non-driver ID will no longer be accepted to fly within the United States after October 1, 2020. So, in theory, you’ll need a Real ID. Your present driver’s licence, however, remains valid.

What is the fee for Real ID?

The cost of obtaining a Real ID is $11, which is a one-time payment.

I have lost my New Jersey Real ID. What to do?

By contacting a motor vehicle office near you and meeting their paperwork criteria, you can receive a replacement for your Real ID.


NJMVC will adopt a new Real ID system for flying within the United States beginning in October 2020. This Real ID is made up of a 2+1+6 system and a star in the upper left corner. If you require it, make sure to obtain your Real ID.

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