What is Suspension and Restoration Fees

In the event that your licence expires, you can always renew it by restoring it or registering it. Otherwise, the licence will not be usable. Find NJMVC and NJ DMV fees for driver’s licence suspension and reinstatement.

Fees for Restoration NJ DMV Licence

This cost of $100 must be paid online. If faster mail processing is required, an amount or check must be provided to NJMVC, along with a brief statement of suspension to NJMVC. If the payment is for a full-service vehicle agency, however, it must be made offline. It is critical to include the driver’s licence number on each payment.

You must show the proofs and they must be accepted if the fines to the MVC are to be recovered. If all of the reasons for the suspension have been acknowledged, the suspension time has been finished, and the fees have been paid, the restoration letter will be mailed to you.

Parking tickets for NJMVC

NJ municipal courts issue the tickets and suspensions, while MVC is responsible for enforcing the court’s rulings by adding the suspension to the driver’s record.

All of the requirements listed below the ticket must be followed, and if the ticket is lost, the municipal courts must be investigated. And the majority of payments are made online, by mail, or even in person.

If you receive fines for vehicle plates that aren’t yours, you can contact the MVC and give proof of the old nameplate that is being fined and its receipt, as well as the new ones, along with a letter and a copy of the ticket, to have the situation resolved.

Restorations of uninsured motorist suspensions under NJMVC Real ID

If you are an uninsured motorist who has had your licence suspended, you must first fax or mail a photocopy of your current NJ insurance ID card or a photocopy of your current insurance policy for the vehicle.

Vehicle Ownership Verification

If you are no longer the owner of the car or if it is registered in another state, you must:

It must present MVC with its registration certificate and licence plate, as well as a receipt for transferring the licence owners.

NJ point schedule

Any driver’s driving history can be reviewed here by looking at how many points have been allocated to their licence. If you receive more than 6 points in your first three years of driving, you will be assessed a surcharge. The licence will be suspended if 12 or more are given. These suggestions will undoubtedly aid in the reduction of insurance premiums. You can also try to reduce these points by taking some certified driving courses.

Driving Under Influence.

DUI refers to a driver who has drunk 0.08 percent or more of alcohol. There are punishments for similar acts, including:

Fines, licence suspension, incarceration, a requirement to do some sort of societal service, and so on. There are also penalties for driving under the influence while under the age of 21 and refusing to take an alcohol test.

Those who have been charged with any alcoholic, drug, or driving violation must participate in the impaired driver programme.


From October 1, 2020, the NJ MVC and NJ DMV will use actual ID. You can go to the official website for more information on how to pay the restoration fees online. Please click here for additional details.

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